Exhibitions Programming Team


Conrad Meyers, Executive Director


Shaghayegh Cyrous, Programming and Communications


Jesse Hewit, Friction / Function Performance Series

Board of Directors


Robyn Carliss


Liam Curley


Dory Ellis


Stacey Goodman


Marjorie Goux


Willis Meyers


Laura Elayne Miller


Lucy Puls

Advisory Board

Christopher Burch
Jamee Crusan
Brynda Glazier
Mark Hellar
Jamil Hellu
Ryan Hendon
Shisi Huang
Ryan Jones
Richard Jonathan-Nelson
Amelia Konow
Tim Kopra

Marya Krogstad
Kadet Kuhne
Jaime Lakatos
Oliver Leach
Dionne Lee
Alyssa Lempesis
Darrin Martin
Alex Oslance
Vinny Pacheco
Joshua Pieper

Aaron Rosenstreich
Jana Rumberger
Paolo Salvagione
Kate Short
Dimitra Skandali
Carrie Sownie
Wei Keong Tan
Ven Voisey
Jesse Walton
Doug Garth Williams

ASG programming stands out because of our drive to provide emerging and mid-career artists with opportunities to take great risks and, in so doing, engage viewers in new and dramatic ways. ASG encourages bold projects of this kind, and then helps make them possible by enlisting the team’s technical knowledge in service of the artist’s vision. Each year since our launch in 2011, ASG has produced 5-6 solo exhibitions, 2-3 group exhibitions, and a number of special lectures, film screenings, literary events, and performances. We also provide a public platform for films, lectures, and performances by innovative regional artists and thinkers whose work ignites deeper engagement and discussion.