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Hypertrophic Distress

An Installation of Sculpture by Alex Oslance

1 April – 7 May 2016

Alex Oslance’s sculptures are combinations of found industrial objects and fabricated biomorphic forms. This dynamic contrast reflects the artist’s anxiety-driven introversion, which stems from a complex reaction to the deep-seeded hyper-masculinity of American culture, something that is simultaneously seductive and repulsive for Oslance.

Aggregate Space Gallery is pleased to present Hypertrophic Distress, an exhibition of imposing sculptures which fuse destructive, chaotic, and sensuous elements drawn from and inspired by our contemporary fetishization of violence, aggression, and post-coital bliss.

Opening Reception
1 April 6-10pm

Second Saturday Artists Talk
9 April 11am

First Friday Event
6 May 5-8pm

Featherboard Writing Series
7 May 6pm