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Totem   noun  |  to·tem  |  \ˈtō-təm\

A Natural Installation by Vincent Pacheco

6 October – 4 November 2017

A totem is a natural object assumed as the emblem of a group and serving as a reminder of ancestry. Artist Vincent Pacheco is a new settler, a non-native in an unfamiliar landscape, now living in the Tahoe National Forest. He creates narratives from excavated dead and broken trees, tree stumps, and other found objects from the Sierra mountain forest he inhabits to reveal the after-effects of logging, population growth, tourism,  and climate change. Combining prose, parable, and fact, he activates the litany of experiences that shape his understanding of his adopted environs.

Aggregate Space Gallery is pleased to host the work of Vincent Pacheco, UC Davis graduate and recipient of the ASG 2018 MFA Invitational Exhibition, as he plies experience as a medium to form a narrative of a place and the personal history that travels alongside it.

Opening Reception
6 October 6-10pm

Second Saturday Artists Talk
14 October 11am

First Friday Event
3 November 5-8pm

Friction / Function: 4 November 7pm
Local performing artists get juiced on ASG works and respond!
Curated by Jesse Hewit:

Support for the Friction / Function series generously provided by Kenneth Rainin Foundation