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An Installation of Sound and Space by Kate Lee Short

1 July – 6 August 2016

Kate Lee Short’s intimate acoustic installations examine the way humans subconsciously use sound to process our surroundings and explore the ability of architecture to mirror psychological space or states of mind. Inspired by the acoustics of sacred space and the physical effects of low frequency sound waves, Short’s work looks past the simple absence or presence of sound to reveal how the subtleties of sound and space are experienced simultaneously through both the mind and the body.

Aggregate Space Gallery is pleased to present Confluence, a site-specific installation that draws the viewer through a sonic maze of shifting and changing auditory tones and bold minimalist sculptures that command the space they inhabit. The resulting auditory landscape creates a layered experience of unease and discomfort while being alternately seductive and soothing.

Opening Reception

1 July 6-10pm

Second Saturday Artists Talk

9 July 11am

First Friday Event

5 August 5-8pm

Featherboard Writing Series

6 August 6pm