Blue-Barbar-Braid: Forms at Rest / Forms in Resistance

An installation by Izidora Leber LETHE

24 August  – 22 September  2018

Blue-Barbar-Braid is a semi-fictional solo exhibition by Izidora Leber LETHE paying homage to resistant forms throughout the centuries. By mobilizing the ancient Roman use of blue (associated with loose women, barbarians, or effeminate men), LETHE quotes the semiotics of protest, queer artists’ work post-1970, and the Yugoslav women that shaped, then rejected, the Bauhaus movement. LETHE braids together these latent legacies and wakes them from oblivion.

Aggregate Space Gallery presents a formation of these collective unknown ancestors organized through collaborative gestures, formal urgencies, and a fluid monumentalization of the act of rebelling. Just as Lethe is the river of forgetting in ancient Greek mythology, Izidora Leber LETHE brings that river closer, so as to re-materialize disjointed moments in history. These forms, even at rest, are rooted in resistance.

This exhibition was curated by Aaron Wilder as the culminating project of Aggregate Space Gallery’s 2018 Curatorial Fellowship. Find out more about the events on Facebook HERE.

Opening Reception
24 August 6-10pm

First Friday Event
7 September 5-8pm

Second Saturday Artists Talk
8 September 11am