Before You, Above the Circle    

An Installation of Personal History by Mika Sperling

5 October – 3 November 2018

I was born in Norilsk, a mining city in Northern Siberia. When I was only 7 months old, my family brought me and my 7 older siblings to Germany. I have often struggled to understand why the eldest members of my family who grew up in that far off land were so different than I.

Aggregate Space Gallery is pleased to host the work of Mika Sperling, SFAI graduate and recipient of the ASG 2018 MFA Invitational Exhibition, with work that takes the viewer into her story, exploring the complexities of her family history and the effects of her multiculturalism. “Before You, Above the Circle” is an introspective journey that transports the viewer by recreating memories through visual imagery and welcomes them into an intimate layer of personal history that explores the complexities of family and place.

Opening Reception
5 October  6-10pm

Second Saturday Artists Talk
13 October 11am

First Friday Event
2 November 5-8pm

Gallery Hours
Fridays and Saturdays 1-5pm
and by appointment