A Multimedia Exhibition Developed Through Fieldwork in the Arctic and the Antarctic
Donald Fortescue

2 July – 21 August 2021


Scientists must often search for subtle signals in an overwhelming sea of noise. It may be tracing temperature trends hidden within the constant variability of the seasons, or detecting almost invisible flashes of light from muon interactions deep within Antarctic ice. This sifting of biological, geophysical, and astrophysical data is essential for discovery, our understanding of the natural world, and to illuminate paths forward to ameliorate existential threats such as anthropogenic climate change.

The work exhibited in Signal/Noise is the outcome of artist Donald Fortescue’s fieldwork in the Arctic and Antarctic; sailing the coastal waters of the Svalbard Archipelago and at the South Pole with the IceCube Neutrino Observatory whose instruments are buried deep within the sub-polar ice. Fortescue’s work reflects on scientific endeavors to understand the natural world and the instruments and processes that scientists develop to discern signal from noise.

Opening Reception:
2 July, 6-10pm

First Friday Event:
6 August, 5-10pm

Second Saturday Artist Talk:
14 August 11am-12:30pm PST (online and RSVP for in-person)

Gallery Hours
Saturdays 1-5pm
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