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A Scientific Installation by SEEC Photography

19 August – 24 September 2016

SEEC Photography is a project by Thomas Juffmann, PhD, Philipp Haslinger, PhD, and Enar De Dios Rodríguez that investigates the way in which light moves. By using advanced camera technology, SEEC Photography allows us to see what happens at the speed of light (c=299,792,458 m/s). The main character of their archetypical photographs is not the subject standing in front of the camera but light itself as it travels across the subjects, scattered and reflected. Aggregate Space Gallery presents 299792458, a light installation that exposes how we experience the world by slowing our vision to mere nanoseconds, to a moment where science, technology, and art intersect.

This exhibition was curated by Guusje Sanders as the culminating project of Aggregate Space Gallery’s annual intensive gallery internship.

Opening Reception

19 August 6-10pm

First Friday Event

2 September 5-8pm

Second Saturday Artist Talk

27 August 11am

Featherboard Writing Series

24 September 6pm