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Friction / Function 4: DRAGGED!

F/F 4 was in response to the work of select video artists from ASG’s annual open call. The intersection of the pairings and the resulting performance created a visceral and visually fascinating experience.

Dia Dear

Dia Dear chose to perform with the work of Allison Roberts: a lens-based artist working primarily with photography, video and installation to create work that addresses memory, place, and identity as experienced during periods of transition.

Hollow Eve


Hollow Eve chose the work of Jamee Crusan. Her video “Queer is Clear” is one example in a body of work culminating in a theory of queer exhaustion.

Martha T. Lipton


Martha T. Lipton chose the work of Wrik Mead. His animated film entitled “1975” is based on one year in the filmmakers fractured life. Hand drawn rotoscoped figures are layered with stills and live video footage to create an open narrative based on events in his life that took place in 1975.




Meredeath chose to work with Nelmarie du Preez‘s “to stab” piece. The work of du Preez perfroms multiple roles as a computer programmer, videographer, composer and performance artist – her art practice mainly serves as a means to ponder, transform and satisfy her own socio-political anxieties.