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Alta California + Parts Close By

Re-mapping Forms, Trees, Rivers

5 December – 20 December 2014

A collaboration of Ann Schnake / MobileInTent,  and Ursula Maria Berzborn / Theater Grotest Maru / Kunsthaus KuLe, Berlin and Víctor Figueroa Infante, Marlet Torres Martínez / la compañía de artes vivas A L A R I E T E.

In Fall 2014 MobileInTent is traveling from Oakland, Santa Fe, Chimayo, Espanola, Tijuana, Los Angeles and back to Oakland investigating borders, land and questions of distribution while visually, kinesthetically mapping geography and an alternative possibility. The group of artists from Oakland, Berlin and Guadalajara push against questions of walls, distribution and ecology, from the permeable walls of a tent. Sculptural and video installations and performative vignettes will unfold in a collision of performance art, wooden appendages, border scenes and accordion music, all in an activated installation with intentions of altering and defying perceptions.

MobileInTent is an ongoing creative production of Ann Schnake and other artists who push boundaries between art and ideas. In this exhibition Ann Schnake’s sculptural works are activated by conversations and travels and built into an original performance piece under the direction of Ursula Maria Berzborn with Víctor Figueroa Infante / Marlet Torres Martínez. Photography and video by Robert Gomez Hernandez, with work by José Inerzia, Adriana Trujillo, Jim Platel and Rolf Zoellner.

Opening Reception
5 December 6-10pm

Special Performance
6 December 7pm

Second Saturday Artist Talk
13 December 11am

Gallery Hours
Saturdays 1-5pm

Featherboard Writing Series & Chapbook Release
Featuring Writer-in-Residence Nora Toomey
20 December 6pm