It is with a heavy heart that we announce Aggregate Space Gallery is closing its location in West Oakland. Thank you to the wonderful community that helped us create a space (and a home) where artists could experiment, gather, and belong. To those visionaries, to our collaborators and advocates, and to our neighbors and friends: it has been the experience of a lifetime. Thank you all, again and again.

Our space transformed hundreds of times over the last decade guided by the brilliance of numerous artists, writers, and performers. We are so proud of what we accomplished together.

Our website will remain as an archive of the 76 installed exhibitions and countless lectures and performances we presented since late 2011. With some luck, we hope it will grow to include much more, including some additional documentation we collected along the way. We hope you will find time to look back, discover and remember, and be as amazed as we have been these last 10 years.

Continue to support the artists in your lives. Support the independent art spaces as they come and go. Show up for each other. Witness the future: the next new work. Keep those unexpected experiences in your heart. Remember that these passing moments will be surprising, filled with risk, defiance, and fun. We’re sure of it, and we’ll see you out there.

With gratitude and love,
Conrad and Willis