ASG Now Seeks Support and New Address

OAKLAND, Calif.—February 25th, 2019—Aggregate Space Gallery (ASG), a sanctuary for groundbreaking and emerging contemporary art in Oakland, will be displaced and seeks a new address. The property’s landlord is enacting a nearly 50% rent increase and has refused to negotiate a long-term lease, leading to an unsustainable situation for the organization. It is a story all too common for artists and non-profits in the Bay Area, where it has become increasingly difficult to find the security of permanent physical space—a vital asset for the growth and longevity of the local art community.

Over its eight-year history, ASG has grown from an artist-run space to a nationally funded institution. Known for producing immersive conceptual art experiences and solo shows of avant-garde, multimedia artists, ASG has highlighted marginalized voices, new ideas, and important cultural shifts. The gallery has provided a physical platform for emerging artists to grow and develop, and work toward exhibiting on the museum-level—a sweet-spot in the art world that few non-profits hit.

ASG has had a momentous year, receiving recognition and awards from nationally renowned institutions such as the National Endowment for the Arts, Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Kenneth Rainin Foundation, and Creative Work Fund. While the non-profit is extremely grateful for foundational support, grants are often restricted to financing programming rather than the increasing operational costs associated with the Bay Area and its rental market.

Despite being priced out of their current location, ASG is committed to finding a way to stay in the Bay Area as a critical resource in service to Oakland’s vibrant, and yet imperiled, arts community.

“We are prematurely being priced out of the only home ASG has ever known.” said Conrad Meyers, Founder and Executive Director of ASG, “but just because ASG was founded here, it doesn’t mean it has to end here.”

“With increasing rent and no long-term lease at 801 W. Grand Ave. we will need to find a new location by August 1st or go satellite with our programming until we can find a permanent home. Throughout the transition, ASG will continue all major programming, but we are calling on our partners and community to help us through this challenging period. I am confident we will find a way to continue our programming in a space that better fits our needs as a growing non-profit; this is just the beginning of ASG.”

Though it may take time and fundraising, finding a new, long-term location for ASG is an opportunity for the non-profit to grow its programming, build new audiences, and ensure the longevity of its mission.   If you are interested in helping, ASG is looking for support and advice from its broader community. Anyone interested can become a member or make a private donation.


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