Exhibition Dates:​ 16 November 2018

Short Description: ​​Leila Weefur and Aggregate Space Gallery  present, ​Between Beauty & Horror,​ a video installation exploring the symbiotic nature of  beauty and horror. The installation is a diptych, divided into two long corridors into  opposite sides of the gallery, separated by constructed walls. The film’s poetic narrative explores this particular duality as an intrinsic part of the Black experience. It posits  abjection, violence, and eroticism as the ingredients that make up the “between” and  are considered to be the binding agents of Beauty & Horror. Exploring the eco-geography of Blackness, this diptych focuses on the sensorial and somatic  experiences that give blackness a distinct and inherently racialized materiality. This work  looks at Beauty & Horror using the symbology of the blackberry fruit as part of the  eco-geography and a metaphor for the Black figure. 
Press release project reference: Between Beauty and Horror

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